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2013 Photo Gallery

Petey's Parachutes and Tackle Tournament Tested!

Team Wave Dancer got the 2013 season started with a 1st Place Finish in the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce & Volunteer Fire Department Opening Day Rockfish Tournment. Captain Ivan & Captain Dave checked in these two cows for a first place total of 69.5#s. Needless to say, Team Wave Dancer fished baits exclusively from Petey's Tackle, both new and old Petey Baits put the winning fish in the box for Team Wave Dancer! As you see again a great team and some great tackle from ole Petey are winning another tournament! Way to go and Congrats to Team Wave Dancer!

Here is an on board shot of Captain Dave of Team Wave Dancer. No doubt this fish had the leader board in his eye, and adding his cousin above made this a winning trip for Team Wave Dancer! Now that's gettin'er done! Fish On! Petey!

Skinnywater got the season started with a collegue from work, Big Tommy shown here holding a really nice 40" rockfish! Skinny didn't fish the tournament but he and Big Tommy got their limit in short order and made it back to the dock before the fillet knives were dry in the dishwasher! Way to go Skinny and Big Tommy! Yet another exclusive spread of Petey's Tackle at work!

Here is Captain Bobby and the Light Tackle Crew showning off a citation winning 52" 54.9# MONSTER Rockfish. This fish was caught April 21 on the Rivah on a umbrella from Petey's Tackle. Captain Bobby stopped by the BIG Orange Truck and loaded up on a variety of Petey gear and look at the results. A big congrats to Captain Bobby and crew that Sho'nuf a whopper of a fish!

Captain Morgans must have the whole rabbit in his pocket! One day after winning the tournament, Captain Morgans worked the rivah and landed this 42" 30.1# sweet Rockfish on a Grape Ape Tandum rig from Petey's Tackle. The grape head, chartreuse hair and chartreuse shad has always put fish in the box! Captain Morgans may still have slots available for a charter to get you a fish in the box! Check out our links page for more information! Good job Captain Morgans!

Well if you have been asking "Where's Big Kenny?", here's the answer! Big Kenny finally got going April 24th landing this big COW on his Dallas Cowboy 6 arm umbrella, yes the same one he closed out last season with. This season is off to a fantastic start and Big Kenny says there are more to come! Hey Big Kenny, your fan club can see the results! Way to go!

Here's Big Kenny back on land ready to clean his 48" 38# Rockfish! That Big smile is almost as big as the fish! Good job Big Kenny!

How about our first Lady Angeler of the year, Kelsey, fishing with Captain Morgans April 24 on a nice mid-week family outing. She landed this beautiful 36" rockfish while rockin the pink hoodie! Way to go!

Here's Joseph with his catch while fishin with Captain Morgans (aka Dad)!!! It has been awhile since we have seen Joseph on the Peteys Tackle Photo Gallery, but we are glad to see him back doing the same thing the last time he visited, catching NICE fish!

It is always good to see a summary picture of a great day on the Rivah! Here is Captain Morgan's crew holding what they kept! Captain Morgans had 7 rockfish for the day, released 3 and the rest are in the picture! I think I said Captain Morgans might have slots available and his fishin is RED HOT!!!Book a trip and put some nice fish in the box! Keep it going Captain Morgans!

Rev Peyton joined Big Kenny and Petey for a Sunrise adventure to go for a trophy rockfish. As you see, ole Rev Peyton was ready to deliver landing this sweet 38" rockfish on a green back chartreuse umbrella from Petey's Tackle. Although the full moon made it a slow day on the water, it was truly a blessing to see Rev Peyton bring this one home! You got to love it! Nice fish Rev Peyton!

You knew it would not be long before Captain Pier's from Peir's Light Tackle Charters would be hitting the photo gallery. This guy landed this fish on the now famous Kermit umbrella rig 6 oz spire sparkle in 25 mph winds. Obviously he is standing tall and smiling ear to ear after a great trip with Captain Piers!

This fellow is doing the double fisted pump after a day out with Captain Piers! He can't help but smile knowing that the dinner bell will be ringing and he will be eatin good! NICE fish!

Man, Captain Piers is wearing them rockfish out! Here is a nice bubba caught on 12 oz ruby lip Kermit on a 6 arm umbrella rig real deep! Keep it going Captain Piers you are rockin them!

Yet again Captain Piers is dropping the hammer on them rockfish in the Rivah and we haven't even made it to the second week of the season! This whopper was landed on a 8 ounce grape ape spire head in 45 foot of water coming in at 42" & 38#s! Captain Piers is still at it and I would book a trip to get your trophy Rockfish soon!

Since most of our pictures contain anglers with big smiles and big fish, well these three tired but happy fisherman landed the biggest stripers they have ever caught pulling a variety of Petey's baits while fishing with who else Captain Piers! Way to go guys and next time make your dentist proud! FISH ON!

Nobody looks like they are going to miss out on the great start to this Rockfish season! Here is Captain Howard showing off his catch while fishin with Big Kenny! Thanks for the picture Captain Howard....better late than never! NICE fish!

Captain Howard hit the send button again, and here is Lady Angler Renee smiling with this nice 44" rockfish caught on a Dallas Cowboy (RG3:(?) umbrella on the Rivah Saturday April 27! No doubt Renee can hold her own on the Rivah! Way to go Renee and Howard! That is what I call gettin it done!

The Montross Crew will never let you down when it comes to catchin BIG FISH! Here is Captain George, his daughter Katherine, and Captain Bucky showin off a 50" 42# MONSTER Rockfish landed on the Rivah fishin a few Petey's Parachutes from Petey's Tackle. This crew is always on the ready to land them big fish and it's even better to see the father/daughter team in action! Way to go!

Of course with Captain George and Captain Bucky one whopper rockfish is not enough for a day on the Rivah! Here they are with a 44" 32# cow that again found an ole Petey's parachute just too attractive to pass up! Pullin them rigs from Petey's Tackle must require one big cooler for fish like this! You got to call it like you see it, them boys are getting it done!

Here is Captain Adam with a nice 37" 20.5# rockfish caught on a Black/Chartreuse umbrella while pulling his set of Bay Busting Planer Boards from Petey's Tackle! Way to go!

Adding another nice fish in the box, Captain Adam nailed this 41" 27# HOG off a chartreuse tamdem out on his planer boards! This season is off to one of the best starts in recent years! Captain Adam is in the mix! Nice job!

Here is a happy crew showing off some nice fish caught fishing with Captain Piers! I guess the two with the toothy smiles promised their dentist a fish sandwich with their next visit! Nice job!

Fishin with Captain Piers these two guys had a great day! Pullin them rigs from Petey's Tackle Piers even got the Red Sox fan pumped up! Shucks I even see a Kermit hangin around! Way to get it done! FISH ON!

Here's Captain Boston getting one more picture before hitting the fillet table and kickin back with a bowl of Chowder before the fish comes off the grill!

These guys fishing with Captain Piers landed this 48" Whopper of a rockfish pulling one of Petey's red hot Kermit parachutes! Captain Piers reports a very high catch frequency while pullin Kermits from 4oz up to 12oz depending on where he is marking fish! Outstanding Fish guys!

Things have been going so good, Captain Piers even gets a nice Captains fish once in a while! Piers may have a slot or two still available so get on board before the fish are gone! Way to go Piers! NICE fish!

Captain Brandon stopped by the Big Orange Truck in Montross and picked up a few things and this picture is a 48" MONSTER caught on a Chartreuse Daisy Chain from Petey's Tackle right off Coles Point....as I recall, Brandon asked me if they worked....well the proof is in the pictures! FISH ON!

Another Lady Angler, Dori fishin with Captain Brandon, hooked this beautiful 46" 35# Rockfish on another Petey's parachute runnin next to that Daisy Chain. Behind those cool shades and that BIG fish is a HUGE smile! Way to go Dori! Awesome fish!

Captain Adam keeps hammering those rockfish pictured here with a 42" 28# rock caught up river May 5th. Captain Adam emailed me asking when he can add a few more of Petey's rigs and jigs to his spread! Just look for the Big Orange Truck on Saturday mornings! Outstanding Fish!

Captain Adam and crew added this nice 41" to the box the same day! These guys are on them fish and those Petey Parachutes pulled on a set of Petey's Planer Boards are gettin the job done! Way to go!

Good Golly Ms Molly, Here is a pic of Captain Mike (SeaDreams) with his 45", 41.6# hog caught fishin with Captain Paul aboard the Full Page on lg chart umbrella with Petey's Kermit bait in tow. Only fish of the day, Mike's personal best and largest fish ever boated on Full Page...FISH ON! Captain Paul reports the same bait was destroyed next trip out with broken 60# leader...Outstanding Fish guys! I still have a few kermits in stock!

After a few boat issues, Captain Morgan picked up where he lefted off, hooked this beautiful 38" Rockfish around Ragged Point May 9th. Captain James fishin with Captain Morgan seems to be plenty happy showin off his catch! Nice fish!

Here's one for me, fishin with BIG Kenny down around #70 on the bay, we hooked up this nice 34" rockfish on May 10th and it still had a fat belly full of roe! Since product testing is something I like to do, this fish was caught on a rare 3/6 oz ruby lip, swing hook tandem, white with blue eyes, blue mouth and a 10" white grub in tow! I was on the phone when the line went off and the guy I was talkin to said his ears are still ringing from me yelling "FISH ON"!

Captain Pier's from Peir's Light Tackle Charters has been hitting them hard this Fall season! Peirs reports that a combo of Kermits and Petey's glitter bombs have been lighting them up. He says once he marks them hold on! Nice fish!

This double fisted Captain fishing with Captain Pier's from Peir's Light Tackle Charters hit his limit in short order! I think he made everyone at home happy at the dinner table! Way to go! "FISH ON"!

This Captain looks plenty happy showin off his catch all be it inside! I guess after hitting the rivah in 33 degree weather, I understand getting your picture taken inside is a good bet! Nice fish!

Here is Captain Ben fishin with Captain Morgan nailed the 44"35# mid-Rivah over the Thanksgiving Day weekend! Captain Morgan is on them right now! Way to go! "FISH ON"!

Captain Chad makin a run with Captain Morgan got it done and even in the dark looks plenty happy showin off some really nice Thanksgiving weekend fish. Nice fish! Thanks Chad!

Capt Piers reports there are still fish out there in small, medium, and large as shown here. Piers is workin the rivah and all three of these rockfish came in on Petey's spire point parachute bucktails in a variety of colors. Looks like Piers will be droppin them in the box until Dec 31st! Way to go!

Captain Bucky and crew found them this week and hammered them! This whopper qualifies for as many X's you want to put in from of Large rockfish coming in at 52" and 42#. Easy to say the fish are here, just got to get out and find them and let those Petey baits do the rest! Nice job! Nice fish!

It is great when the camera goes to auto-focus....Capt Bucky's crew ran out of cooler space on the boat for sure. I guess a couple of more days like this and they are gonna run out of freezer space as well! Outstanding Fish guys!

Captain Morgan is closing out the 2013 season almost the same way he started it by landing this 42" 38# Whopper Rockfish on December 28, 2013 workin his lines mid-rivah. Captain Morgan reports for the last few weeks, Stretch 25s have been the hot ticket, and he reports good new for next season since the one he hooked right after this one was 50"+ and fishin solo Captain Morgan lost it at the back of the boat! Way to go Captain Morgan!

A tribute to my Dad who passed away in 2013. Thank you for all you have done! You took a kid fishing many years ago and things have never been the same! We Love You!

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