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2012 Photo Gallery

Petey's Parachutes and Tackle putting fish in the box!

Big Kenny got it started on opening day with this nice 38" rockfish caught on?????You guessed it, a Blue/White Six-Pack Schoolie from Petey's Tackle. Kenny knows first picture received, first picture posted...8:41am first one in the box! Way to go Big Kenny!

Not to be out done on his boat, Captain Howard got on this one less than 30 minutes after the first one. He caught it on a 6-arm Chartruese umbrella rig from where else; Petey's Tackle. Yes umbrellas still get the job done! Nice fish Captain Howard!

Two's company, three makes for a great fishin crew. Here Captain Howard and long time waterman Mr. Thompson getting credit for a steady hand at the wheel while Big Kenny and Captain Howard were reelin and nettin. Once a pro always a pro! Good job Mr. Thompson

Pier's Light Line Charters got it started on opening day the same as always with fish in the box. Ole Piers is an excellent charter captain who has fished a variety of Petey baits for many years! These fish were caught on the one of a kind "Kermits" only available from Petey's Tackle! Way to go!

Pier's made this guy happy! I think I saw him at the 7-11 the other day still takin pictures! Book a trip with Pier's Light Line Charters for a great day on the rivah or the bay! Don't forget to bring your camera and a cooler!

Big Kenny has been setting the rivah on fire this week! This nice 36" came in on a glitter green Six-Pack Schoolie from Petey's Tackle. Great fish Big Kenny!

Captain Howard pictured here with a 35" caught on a Chartreuse Six-Pack Schoolie from Petey's Tackle, and he has been matchin Big Kenny 1 for 1 all week. Squeeze the tail Captain Howard and we can call it a 36"!

Yup, Here we go again with Big Kenny boating another nice fish! Big Kenny reports that using Petey's technique of running your lines no more than 50 ft off you planer boards is catching them! This one took a Black/Chartreuse 6-arm umbrella from Petey's Tackle that was 15 ft off the planer boards. There you go, ask and I will tell you my secrets to success!

Pier's Light Line Charters reports limiting out early everyday since opening day, with his custom "kermit" being the star of the show. Piers said one of these came in on a 16 oz "kermit" from the bottom line on his tandem! Gotta tell you the guy is 6 for 6 limiting out, better book a trip quick!

Captain Morgan worked hard Saturday April 28 and it paid off with the beautifu 40" 19# (spawed out) Rockfish on one of Petey's Grape-Apes. Captain Morgan runs a few charters as well so book a trip before its too late! Way to go Dave!

Captain Howard kept his catchin ways alive Saturday as well, landing this nice 34" rockfish! I think old Howard is just having too much fun gettin er done! Where's Big Kenney?

The Fall Season is underway with a BANG! The Blue Water crew of Captain's Dave, Raymond, Ryan and ET put some nice fish in the box which earned them a 4th place finish in the Colonial Beach Rockfish Tournament Nov 10th & 11th. The Blue Water crew upheld the tradition of Petey's Tackle finishing on the leader board! Blue Water Charters is booking trips for the fall season, contact info on our links page. Way to go!

The Blue Water crew with only Captain Ryan and Captain ET hit the rivah early Nov 18th in hope of putting a few nice fish in the box. What you see is a 56# WHOPPER ROCKFISH caught at the end of the day just before pullin lines. Running a set of Petey's Planer Boards and a variety of Petey's rigs & jigs, this MONSTER hit a 4oz white Petey's parachute trim with a 6 inch white shad (8/0 hook,no stinger) pulled in tandem. The two captains stuck with it and the result speaks for itself! I think I mentioned booking a trip with Blue Water Charters last week. Just think if you had of followed old Petey's advice. Book a trip soon while the fish are here! Outstanding job gentlemen! FISH ON!

Pier's Light Line Charters is still putting nice fish in the box as the end of the season draws near. Captain Piers and his party got their limit Dec 15th mid Rivah with 30" and 40" class fish, the biggest was this 42" 38# HOG caught on the one of Petey's 8oz Grape Apes. Way to go Captain Piers!

Well we knew it would happen sooner or later. That's right, after a long absence, Big Kenny is back putting fish on the hook and in the box. After many request, Big Kenny got Petey out of the Big Orange Truck for a day of fishin with a fisherman in training, Keith. Made it to Smith Point around 7:30am Dec 15th and by 8:15am we landed these two bigguns at the same time. White Ruby Lip 4/8 tandem took one and a six arm Dallas Cowboy umbrella rig took the other (Go Skins!) Nice day on the bay...Great dinner Sunday night! Way to go!

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