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2011 Photo Gallery

Petey's Rigs and Jigs still getting the job done!

After bad weather Opening Day, Captain Morgan and son Joseph hit the river the next day on April 17th and picked up where they left off last season with these two bigguns landed before lunch. The biggest, a 40" 30#er was pulled in on a white 6arm umbrella dressed with a grape/white parachute from Petey's Tackle. Don't miss booking a trip with Captain Morgans Charters soon, the big fish are here! Way to go Dave!

Captain Morgans is RED HOT catching this nice 38" rockfish April 19th on the 3rd line in the water, while putting the 4th line out on his Petey Planer Boards! Fish in the box in 10 minutes! Super Job!

You knew it would not be long before Big Kenny was back in action! The Breakdown Crew (Big Kenny, Skinny Water, and DougEfish) hit it hard during the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney April 23. Here is Big Kenny with a nice one caught off a Blue/White six-pack schoolie from Petey's Tackle! Nice Job!

Skinnywater fishin the CBVFD tourney hit this 36" rock on a Black head Chartreuse belly Petey parachute while fishin with the Breakdown Crew. They landed some nice fish!

Big Kenny went back on the attack April 24th and needed a mate, Guess Who? That's it, old Petey got it going with this 35" rock caught on a 12" 4arm Chartreuse umbrella made by yours truly! Man the fish are here, go getem!

I dont think the mate had that much to brag about but the Captain, Big Kenny, got it done! That's right, boat in the water at 7am, fish in the box at 9am, and back home before the filet knives had finished drying in the dishwasher! BTW Glitter Green Six-pack schoolie did the trick! I think Big Kenny showed Larry the Cable Guy a little Get'er Done!

Team Wavedancer got things fired up on April 24th with this whopping 42" 24# biggun caught by Captain Paul Woods on a six-pack schoolie from Petey's Tackle. These guys had it going in the right direction all day long puttin a few nice fish in the box! Way to go gentlemen!

Captain Bucktail nailed his first 40+" fish April 24th out on the Rivah! Captain Bucktail is more than ready to book charters for the remainder of the season! Book and Hook some nice fish before they are gone! Super Job!

Captain Morgan just hammered them on the river April 24th with 3 fish over 40" including this 44" 33#er picked up running a single grape Petey Parachute! My, My, My book a trip with Captain Morgans Charters, he knows where the big fish are for sure!

Captain Morgan here showing if its biting, he's catchin it! This 28" 10.6# catfish nailed one of Petey's White Six Pack Schoolie's while Captain Morgan was out on the Rockfish hunt! I guess Mr. Catfish decided to get in on the fun the rockfish were having, and Captain Morgan put his hind pots in the box! Super Job!

Here's a few pics from Pier's Light Line Charters, an excellent charter captain who has fished a variety of Petey baits for many years! This guy looks like he had a Whopper of a day! Book a trip with Pier's Light Line Charters for a great day on the rivah or the bay! You may have to buy a bigger grill to cook them big fish!

Yet another satisfied customer fishin with Pier's Light Line Charters. From the picture, it looks like Pier's gets it done rain or shine! Way to go!

These three guys dont seem to have any complaints laying out their catch from a day out with with Pier's Light Line Charters! Nice to see all these happy anglers getting it done!

This big guy is showing off his big fish caught fishin on board Pier's Light Line Charters. Surely looks like Pier's had the 411 on the rockfish this season! Nice job and glad to see you back in the gallery Piers!

Captain Scotty put a few Petey baits to work on his new boat May 7th with this pair of rockfish 40" and 38". Scotty reported that the fish were knocking down hard as they prepare to leave the rivah! Them Petey baits must make them a little hungry! Way to go Scotty!

Here is Captain Rico fishin onboard the Mardie Sue. He caught this big fish on a limited edition White /Red spire point from Petey's Tackle. Thanks Captain Rico for puttin them Petey Parachutes to work!

Captain Rico again showin another shot of that pretty fish! I must say those limited editions are know to catch when nothing else will!!!

This happy angler is showing off his big fish caught fishin on board Pier's Light Line Charters. Piers you just keep them reelin for rock! Way to go!

Pier's Light Line Charters again and again showing that a trip with Pier's is about results! Now I see why those rockfish were on the run!

This big guy is showing off his big fish caught fishin on with Captain Earl Pierotti. Earl reports that they got this 50"er out around 68 on his Petey Planer Boards. Thanks Earl...glad those boards are treating you right!

Big Kenny went on the croaker attack May 14th and fishin with his son KJ, KJ's side of the boat caught all croaker and Big Kenny side of the boat was all catfish...same bait and set up...go figure?

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