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2010 Photo Gallery

Petey's Tackle a rockfish favorite!

Opening Day was nothing but the truth for Capt Earl Perotti who landed this 46" citation trophy rockfish, held here by his first mate William Henley, off his Petey Planer boards with a grape/white spread. Capt Earl had their 5 fish limit by 9am! Way to go gentlemen! FISH ON!

Skinnywater got his season off to a great start landing this nice 31# Cow around St. Clements white tandems off his Petey Planer Boards dressed with Petey's Chartreuse/White 9in shad! Super Job! FISH ON!

Capt Howard started his season of right with this nice 44 1/2in hog caught on the Potomac Tuesday April 20th on Petey's Grape Ape (still hanging in the mouth) from Petey's Tackle! Howard looks like he got it right! Way to go Howard! FISH ON!

Capt Earl Perotti and crew went nuclear here showing off a nice 47.5in 42.4# MONSTER! In 3 days Capt Earl's team reports 46 fish landed all but 4 off his Petey planer boards. Grape/White spire points were hot! Way to go! FISH ON! Petey!

After sitting out the rough weather opening day weekend, Big Kenny went on the attack April 23rd landing this pretty 36" Rockfish pulling one of his favorite six-pack schoolies the Blue & White. Good to see Big Kenny back with a smile on his face and of course a fish in the box! FISH ON!

Scottie from Team Wavedancer looks like he picked up right where he left off last season with a beautiful Rockfish caught April 23rd on the lower potomac. Aint nothin like a big smile from catching that first one of the season. Way to go! FISH ON!

Mrs Skinnywater is all smiles fishing the Colonial Beach Fire Department Tournament on April 24 holding this nice 23# Rockfish with lure and scale in the mouth. She must be one strong lady to hold the fish and the smile while Skinnywater reads the instructions on how to take a picture with your IPhone! Nice Job! FISH ON!

Here is Captain Dustin, a special order customer, showing off this nice 36" Rockfish caught on April 24th. Old Dustin is a man with a plan and his design put the fish in the box! Way to go Dustin! FISH ON!

They always say mother knows best and Captain Brenda, Dustin's Mom, showed him she can get it done landing this 35 1/2" Rockfish on the same trip. It is always a nice trip back to the dock when everyone has a fish in the box! Nice job and congrats on being the first Mother/Son duo on the Petey's Tackle website! FISH ON!

Captain Nate a long time Mississippi Catfish expert told Captain Ray of Captain Ray's Charters that nothing could match the pull of those Mississippi Cats! Well according to Captain Ray, Captain Nate changed his mind after nailing these two beautiful Rockfish at the same time on tandems Captain Ray made with some Petey baits. Looks like there was ice on the fish and some on Captain Nate's arms. Book a trip with one of the best on the River at 804-493-0578 or 540-653-1898!

Captain Ray of Captain Ray's Charters is the REEL DEAL when it comes to landing the big ones! Here is Captain Ray showing off a 46 1/2" 47 1/4# WHOOPER Rockfish caught April 20th on a classic White Umbrella from Petey's Tackle right off his Petey Planer Boards. Man....NICE FISH! Way to go! FISH ON!

Here is another good look at Captain Ray's monster rockfish. Book a trip soon before they start heading out! Capt Ray's Charters 804-493-0578 or 540-653-1898! FISH ON! Petey!

On April 30th, I took my first trip out since my good friend MO passed away last August. Couldn't get a crew together so I went out solo with a six rod spread. Landed this 39" 23# rock pullin a single 4oz Chartreuse head with a glitter green shad. Old tricks come back fast since using the net was not an option it was hand to fish---fish to the floor of the boat! Thanks Big Kenny for meeting me at the dock to take the pic! I think old Mo got a good laugh out of that one! FISH ON!

MAY Day MAY Day MAY Day, Here is Captain Howard again getting the job done on May 1st! This nice 35" rockfish hit on that ever popular Petey's Grape Ape which has been the hot ticket for Captain Howard! Way to go! FISH ON! Petey!

This years Scuttlebutt Tournament Champions is no other than Mr. & Mrs. Skinnywater along with Douglas(behind the camera) and Miss Leah! Team Skinnywater put three nice fish in the box, the biggest a 34# Whopper caught on a Blue/Pearl umbrella from Petey's Tackle, and took the tournament top prize and the calcutta. Again, Skinnywater shows that getting a tune-up on your rigs & jigs the day before the tournament from old Petey gets the job done! FISH ON!

Here is Big Kenny with his own 4th of July fireworks on the rockfish hunt holding this nice 28" fish caught while skinnywater trolling a few small bucktails. Old Kenny be gettin the job done year round puttin fish in the box! Way to go Big Kenny! FISH ON!

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