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2009 Photo Gallery

Petey's Rigs and Jigs still on duty!

Opening Day Captain Morgan got it going for his son Joseph (38" 20#), Kennen (32") and Matt (35") on Petey's white spire points in a 4 over 6 tandem, a single 4oz chartreuse with white shad and a 6oz grape ape with chartreuse lips, hair and white shad! To book a trip with one of the best go to captmorganscharters.com! Way to go Dave!

Brett put the hammer on them opening day by landing this 41" 40# COW pulling one of Petey's green glitter 6 pack schoolies! WOW, now thats an Opening Day Report!!

Opening Day was mighty kind to Bill Henley who knocked down this nice 43" Rock fishing with Capt Earl running a set of those bay busting Petey Planer Boards around Bouy 65!

Capt Earl got into the action himself on opening day by landing this nice 36" er! Way to go guys! FISH ON!

Another outstanding opening day for Captain Barry Pugh with his crew Mark Callahan and Mike Delaney (pictured left to right) with a 49" 39.5# HOG, a 35" and 39" all caught on a variety of Petey's Parachutes with Planer Boards in tow! That's getting it done! FISH ON!

After a slow opening day and losing a big one at the back of the boat, Big Kenny body slammed the skunk landing this beautiful 38" Rock Apr 25 on a white tandem out on the bay!!

Try Opening Week! Capt Piers Hackley is putting fish in the box and smiles on the face fishing a variety of Petey's parachutes!

Book a trip soon with Piers! Way to go guys! FISH ON!

Another outstanding catch by Capt Piers Hackley out of Tall Timbers on a variety of Petey's Parachutes and getting it done! FISH ON!

Capt Piers Hackley is red hot this season! Way to go! FISH ON!

The Fish On! Tackle crew finally got the season started! Although it was slow going Apr 26, Capt Ron landed this sweet 36" Rock on a 6arm glitter umbrella off the inside planer board line! Were Back! FISH ON!

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