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2008 Photo Gallery

Petey's Parachutes and Tackle on the job!

Opening Day Big Kenny starting right off where he finished in 2007 landing this beautiful 27# Rock just north of St Clements on a small Chartreuse 9in 6arm umbrella, 3oz spire point and 6in trailing shad with Petey's Planer Boards in tow!

Reel Addictt (Capt Lee) had an outstanding opening day pulling a variety of Petey baits placing second overall in the PRAC tourney, won the Calcutta and Youth Division! Now thats an Opening Day Report!!

Opening Day hit the mark for T-Angler with this nice 23# rockfish caught on Petey's blue/white 6-arm umbrella rig!

Fred from Woodbridge, fishin with Capt Fat Cat and crew, nailed this 29.5# pig on a grape ape with white hair. This is one of 4 put in the box on Opening Day! Way to Go!

Reel Addictt (Capt Lee) got it going in the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney with this 45" rock with a little help from his fishin partner!.

Big Kenny skipped the VFD tourney but couldn't resist the fishin landing this 44" 32# hog!!

Reel Addictt (Capt Lee) kept the pressure on all day during the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney landing 14 fish including this 46" 38# cow to add to the 45" above for a 3rd Place Finish!

This is from Keith, Keith Jr., and Phil fishin out of Chesapeake Beach April 25th with a 43", 41", and 38" rockfish bonanza! These guys got it more than right pullin a few Petey baits on Petey's planer boards!!Way to go!!

Team Reel Antsy (Chris Kelliher, Chris Ingram, Jamie Geddes, and Joe Kelliher) aboard Chris Kelliher's boat Irish Wake landed these 37"-42.5" beauties during the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney on a wide variety of Petey's rigs and jigs!

Capt Ray Hamlet (One Way Charters "To The Fish" 804/761-5772) hauled in this catch using Ray's tried and true techniques with a little help from Petey's Parachutes! Book a trip soon to learn from one of the best!

Brenden Carner landed his first trophy, an awesome 41" rockfish caught while pullin some rigs using Petey's planer boards! Way to go Brendan and bring old Petey a fish sandwich the next time you stop by!

Pier's Potomac Charters runnin out of Tall Timbers, MD put the hammer on these bigguns pulling Petey's Parachutes! These guys got the freezer filled!

Captain Morgans with his wife Becky and son Joesph landed these big rock running a large white umbrella with Petey's 3oz bubble gum parachute and 20oz white mojo on May 3rd! Even with a slow bite the past few days (crazy weather patterns), Capt Morgans is puttin fish in the box!

Pier's Potomac Charters continues keepin his clients happy haulin in these beautiful rockfish using a variety of Petey's Rigs and Jigs!

A big smile with a big fish says it all, Pier's Potomac Charters is puttin fish in the box! Piers reports plenty of action below Ragged Point light using Petey's Grape Apes (Barney's for those who like purple?)

Capt Barry Pugh is getting ready for the fall season and sent this spring reminder of Colin Ellis from Northern Virginia who caught this 44" Rock in the Potomac River at bouy #7 using a Fishontackle umbrella rig fishing. FISH ON!

Mark Callahan from Harrisonburg fishin with Capt Barry Pugh caught this 42" fat Rock in the Bay at the Target Ship with a Fishontackle umberlla rig.

Kevin Mitchell is all smiles with this nice Rock caught in the Bay in the spring with Capt Barry Pugh putting those Petey Rigs and Jigs to work!

After a few boat issues, Petey's Salty Puppy got back to the Rock with this 19" happy fish!

Salty Pup also hit this Bluefish on the same day! Glad we are back in business! FISH ON!

The Bigguns Are Back! Capt Lee Tippett landed this HOG Nov 7 the day before the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney on Petey's 6oz Grape Ape Ruby Lip with Chartreuse Hair and Lips! This fish was more than Lee's on board 48 inch tape could handle, but it is pushin 50" for sure! Lee sent it back to catch the next day but didnt find it, so it is waiting for that Lucky Angler! Way to go Lee! FISH ON!

Capt Lee Tippett placed 2nd in the MSSA Fall Tournament landing this monster 50in 46.3# COW Nov 15 in the Potomac River! This HOG was hooked on Petey's 6oz Grape Ape Ruby Lip with Chartreuse Hair and Lips! WOW, that's two in a row for the Grape Ape! Congrats to a fine Captain and crew!

This father/son team of Alan and Nick Shymansky entered the PRAC Tourney with one thing in mind. Just before the Captains Meeting Friday night, Nick talked Dad into getting a 16 oz Grape with Chartreuse hair Spinner Bait from Fish On! Tackle. They hit the water Sunday November 23, 2008, began setting lines on the planer boards with the Spinner Bait out first, and hammered this beautiful 45in 40 pound Winning Fish before getting all their lines in the water! Way to go guys! FISH ON!

Thanksgiving is a good time for family and friends to do a little fishin. Capt Morgans took his neices for a rock run and as you see its all smiles with this beautiful rockfish hooked on a white 4oz Spire Point from Fish On! Tackle!

More smiles fishing with Capt Morgans as this nice rockfish was waiting for that Lucky Lady Angler! Way to go! FISH ON!

Big Fish Burt is at it again on the water showing off this HOG was hooked on Petey's 6oz Black Ruby Lip with Chartreuse Hair and Lips!

Back at the ranch Big Fish Burt and his crew came home ready for dinner just before Thanksgiving with these nice 43" & 42" Bigguns! Way to go!

Corrina Kelliher got 1st Place Youth Divsion with this nice rockfish while fishing with Reel Antsy during the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney! Caught it on a Petey Special picked up at the Captains meeting the night before. Now thats one happy Young Lady! FISH ON!

Colin Ellis fishin with old reliable Capt Barry Pugh nailed this nice 42" fish down by the oil docks with Petey's rigs and Planer boards in tow! That fish is so heavy Colin is grinning but not smiling!

Now these guys just went WILD catchin 12 rockfish on Dec 13, fishin on the Heritage (Fishers Bay Charters 804/580-2548). They hooked up 8 fish on 6 rods fishin a few new glitter jigs from Fish On! Tackle in one pass. Book a trip before Dec 31st to get in on the action! WOW!

Big Kenny needed a fishin partner Dec 14th, so Big Kenny moved Lil KJ from college time to fishin time. As you can see Lil KJ was awake enough to land this nice 35" on the lower river on a white 4-arm umbrella with 4oz head from Fish On! Tackle!

On Dec 14, the crew on the Heritage (Fishers Bay Charters 804/580-2548), put these in the box by 9:30 am pullin a few Rigs and Jigs from Fish On! Tackle. They are moving to VA Beach next week, so book a trip to get in on the action. FISH ON!

Big Kenny did it again Dec 26th with this nice 30" rockfish caught on a chartreuse glitter 6-arm umbrella with 5oz head from Fish On! Tackle! Kenny says he was the first on the photo gallery in 2008 and will fish until midnight New Year's Eve to get the last post!

Sam Fisher from Team Right Hook says fishin is red hot down at CBBT December 27th. They landed 5 Citations including this 53# Hog by his happy crew member! Way to go guys! FISH ON!

Big Kenny is still droppin the hammer on the rivah and caught this nice 35" rock down at #9 on December 29th! Kenny says that Skinnywater and T-Angler can forget catchin up with him in 2008 and they better sharpen their hooks for 2009! FISH ON!

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