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2007 Photo Gallery

Petey's Rigs and Jigs getting the job done!

Opening Day started with a bang for Capt Morgans and his son Joseph landing this nice 35" rock at sunrise!.

Capt Morgans and Joseph did it again on Apr 22 with a 32" rockfish! Joseph gets all the credit for this one!

Tu, TAngler and Dara landed this beautiful 45 inch 35.95# cow on a white birthday cake umbrella which placed 2nd in the Colonial Beach VFD Tourney April 28, 2007 and 1st for the largest fish Calcutta!

Tom of the Fish On! Tackle Crew landed this nice 34in 14lb rock during the 2007 Spring PRAC Tournament on a Charteuse Petey Umbrella Tandem Rig!

Petey puts the weekend catch from skinny water trolling on the table on July 15th!

Petey landed this nice 22in rock August 7th trolling 1/2oz white bucktails with 4in white grubs before the heat index hit 105F!

Petey's Salty Puppy added some nice bluefish to the seasons catch on September 1st trolling surgical eels and spoons!

Capt Morgans son Joeseph shows off his 1st place(6.71# Rock) Jr. Division results from the Colonial Beach COC Tourney. He gets them in the Spring and Fall! Way to go!

Blue Water and Lex show off their 1st Place PRAC catch (39in 23.3#) from November 17, 2007, caught on a 4oz White Petey Paracute with Blue Eyes! Way to go!

Skinny Water and Dara Man landed this 37in 18.9# beauty with 1 hour to go in the PRAC Tourney using Petey's 24oz Cannonball Mojo down low to place 4th!

Petey and the Fish On! Tackle crew had a tough day in the PRAC, but Capt Ron and DK kept the skunk out of the box!

Capt Morgans headed back out the day after the PRAC Tourney and nailed this 42in hog on a 6oz White Spire Point Petey Parachute!

Big Kenny put the hammer on this nice 35" Rock December 8th at the mouth of the Potomac on a white 6arm umbrella from Fish On! Tackle. Look at that smile!

Skinny Water shows off this beauty caught around St. Clements Island Dec 9th on a Black Daisy Chain from Fish On! Tackle. Must have been a little chilly!

If at first you succeed, the heck with trying, just do it again like Big Kenny. This 40" 23# Rock hooked up on Petey's Chartruese Glitter Six-Pack Schoolie December 9th. That freezer is lookin good about now!

Big Kenny has the fishin bug(No Flu like symptoms in this picture)! This 42in 30# biggun was well worth playing hooky from work! Way to go!

Doug from Knockin'Along Charters has been limiting out since early November with a few Petey rigs in his spread! (Contact: Dougcallao@aol.com)

Another banner day from Doug at Knockin" Along Charters! Book at trip before Dec 31st for hot Local action! (Contact: Dougcallao@aol.com)

Captain Burt Rogers and crew had a banner year fishing the bay with Petey rigs and jigs! Nice fish and Big Fish Burt Placed on the money board in the 2007 MSSA Spring Tourney! Way to Go!

Another shot from Burt!

Burt says Petey's Ruby Lip parachutes did the trick!

Nice Fish for sure!

That bubba would make any angler say.....FISH ON!

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