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2016 Photo Gallery

Petey's Tackle 10 Years of Puttin Fish in the Box & Smiles On Many Faces!

A big opening day congratulations to Jr Angler CJ shown here with Dad Captain Chad and a Colonial Beach Rockfish Tournament youth division winning 40" fish! This is not CJ's first trip to the leader board. Last year he placed 2nd in the youth division. Well I guess another year of learning from Dad and a couple of more rigs from Petey's Tackle paid off! Way to go CJ! FISH ON!

Northern Neck Sportsfishing is off to a great start. Here is the Haynesville crew showin off their catch after a day out with Captain Bucky and Captain Zane. These guys are getting the job done, so book a trip, the fish are here!

Captain Morgan got it started with this Whopper rockfish. Fishin with a few rigs and jigs from Petey's Tackle, this is one of two 40+ inch fish that Captain Morgan and crew landed at the same time! This one did not miss the dinner table! Fish On! Petey! FISH ON!

Well we knew Captain Ricky would hit the photo gallery, this time the his son has the first fish caught this season! Captain Ricky grabbed a few rigs from Petey's Tackle and as usual they have caught fish on each trip out this year! Way to go!

Don't know the other guy with Captain Ricky's son, but he got a really nice fish too! Captain Ricky reports a grape spire point with Blue/Chartreuse shad got the job done! Nice job guys!

Here is lady Jordan, Captain Chad's daughter, showing she can do anything the boys do and there will always be a seat on the boat for her when Daddy goes fishing. I think Captain Chad report this was Jordan's first trophy rockfish! Way to go!

A long time contributor and fish catching machine is back again with a couple of happy guys showin off their catch fishin with Captain Peir's of Peir's Potomac Charters! Captain Pier's makes quick work out of hitting his limit fishin with a few rigs and jigs from Petey's Tackle! Nice! Fish On! Petey!

Captain Chad and Captain Billy fishin with Captain Bobby on the Light Tackle put a pair of nice 38" rockfish in the box! Captain Bobby runs a variety of rigs and jigs from Petey's Tackle slow smoked and dipped in Plan B BBQ sauce! Now that's gettin it done!Way to go!

Captain Ricky wanted to share his hot number for this season! This Grape/White spire point tandem trimmed with that hard to find Blue/Chartreuse shad from Petey's Tackle is puttin the ring dang do on them rockfish! Thanks to Captain Ricky for sharing his secret weapon from Petey's Tackle. FISH ON!

Norther Neck Sportsfishing is putting the hammer on them this season! Here is Art Jenkins and crew with their limit for the day of some really nice rockfish caught on a variety of rigs and jigs from Petey's Tackle. You got to go to my links page an book a trip! Captain Bucky and Captain Zane are sending customers home with big smiles and big fish! Nice!

Here is Captain Jermaine who made the trek from Fort Washington, MD to take a trip out with Northern Neck Sportsfishing. This was his first trophy rockfish and he won the crews bet for the biggest fish of the day! Way to go Jermaine and hope to see you on old Petey's photo gallery again soon!

Norther Neck Sportsfishing has them catchin fish whether they are big anglers or very cute little ones! Here is Little Lady Angler Hanna with her first trophy rockfish! I can see a smile on her face and I dont blame her a bit for making someone else hold that fish after doing all the work! FISH ON! Hanna!

Captain Billy fishin with Captain Chad on Draggin Baits got it done with this 40" Whopper rockfish. Captain Chad reports this beauty hit a grape ape trimmed with a white shad from Petey's Tackle! While reeling this one in a 34" throw back got in on the excitement! Almost a double for the crew! Nice job!

Captain Chad and his Dad Captain Mike gottem good! Here they are showin off a 45" hog and his cousin a nice 38" rockfish! Captain Chad reports his old trusty white 6 pack schoolie from Petey's Tackle got them both! Now that's gettin it done! FISH ON!

Captain Piers busted these two 40"+ rockfish in the rivah 10 minutes after setting the lines! Piers reports that both fish hit the tried and true Kermit spire head parachute bucktail from Petey's Tackle! Turned out to be a quick trip and ole Kermit got it done! FISH ON!

Captain Zane of Norther Neck Sportsfishing put this 52" whopper in the box working the lower rivah fishing with a few rigs and jigs from Petey's Tackle! You really need to book a trip with these guys to get a chance at a giant rockfish before the fish head out. Captain Bucky and Captain Zane are sending customers home with big fish in the cooler! Way to go!

Here is Captain Pier who grabbed a few of his Petey baits to take a trip out on a friends boat up around Calvert Cliffs. As you see, if you put Petey's rigs and jigs in the water and the fish are there, BAM FISH ON! Fish in the box! Piers reports this one took a 4oz silver glitter spire point run as a single in the spread! Nice job!

Captain Ricky and crew left the dock out of Coles Point on May 14 with one thing in mind, get down to the bay because all the reports say that is where the fish are. Like any good angler, Captain Ricky decided to test a few of his honey holes 15 minutes down rivah and put out his spread. BAM it broke loose with 4 fish on and the crew got into action trying to manage the chaos. Captain Ricky reports two of the fish including this nice 41" hit the only two grape/white spire point trimmed with blue/chartreuse shad that Captain Ricky picked up from Petey's Tackle! Nothing to say but FISH ON!

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